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Our attorneys are experienced in all forms of arbitration matters (domestic and international) as advocates and arbitrators and use binding arbitration in the vast majority of instances to avoid costly and time consuming litigation.

Business Formation

We work with our clients to ensure that all aspects of the formation process for setting up a corporation or limited liability company are attended to, including completion of all initial formation documents, making government filings and drafting by-laws and agreements ancillary to formation such as shareholder agreements in the case of corporations and operating agreements in the case of limited liability companies.

Business Transactions

We work with our clients on a variety of day-to-day business transactions from initial negotiation through closing.

Commercial Banking

We assist our commercial bank clients with all forms of lending activities in the U.S. Our practice also focuses on foreign banking operations in the U.S. Our attorneys are experienced with issues unique to foreign bank operations within the U.S.

Commercial Transactions

We navigate our clients through commercial transactions so that the intricacies of the transactions do not negatively impact upon goals and objectives.


We work closely with all of our clients on structuring, drafting and reviewing all forms of contracts, including customer, supplier, teaming and third party contracts.


We work with clients as to copyright registrations and overall copyright portfolio matters, including, enforcement of rights and defending against claims.

Corporate Governance

Whether a business is structured as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or under some other form, we work with our clients to ensure that governance matters are attended to and that remedial action is taken where necessary to mitigate against risks.

Creditor's Rights

We evaluate and defend creditors' rights in a wide variety of insolvency/bankruptcy claims.

Customs Matters

We augment the firm's trademark and copyright practices by assisting clients with customs matters.

Domain Names

We work with clients to obtain domain name clearance, represent clients in dispute resolution proceedings, maintain client’s portfolio of domain names, attend to GTLD issues, and to ensure comprehensive oversight of all related legal issues and transactions.

Due Diligence

We provide our clients with all forms of legal due diligence from investigations to final reports allowing our clients to make fully informed business decisions.

E-Commerce, Mobile, Social, Cloud & 3D Printing

We navigate our clients through E-commerce issues. We work on a variety of E-Commerce models from basic hosting to robust transactional models and everything in between. We are increasingly involved with mobile, cloud and social verticals within E-commerce to counsel clients on maximizing benefits and minimizing risks. We assist clients in bringing to market new applications such as 3D printing.

Entertainment Law

We represent organizations in the entertainment industry and address all legal issues unique to this industry.


We assist clients with a variety of transactions, including purchase & sale, leasing and financing.

Financing Transactions

Whether a commercial bank line of credit or a private loan, we work with clients to close these transactions timely and efficiently.


We work with game developers and publishers on all issues from game design and development to retail distribution and everything in between.


We represent our non-U.S. clients on U.S. inbound matters as well as our U.S. clients on outbound matters.

Our international law practice involves counseling on the full range of cross-border legal issues.

Our attorneys speak numerous foreign languages: German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Hindi, and Punjabi.

IT Security

We work with clients as to all forms of IT security, including, evaluation of E-Mail, PCI, VPN and Network access policies and procedures from a legal perspective.

Labor & Employment Law

Our labor and employment practice focuses on representing management on all labor and employment issues, including such matters as hiring, compensation, stock and stock option plans, wage and hour claims, employment agreements, employment handbooks, policies and procedures, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality, privacy, restrictive covenants, and terminations. Our attorneys work with clients to help them proactively prevent and mitigate claims and to defend against them when necessary.

Legal Opinions & Audit Responses

We issue legal opinions in connection with transactions and address audit letter requirements as to contingent/actual legal risk.


We work with clients in reviewing and structuring of licensing arrangements so as to ensure that rights and obligations are conforming and that the license terms reflect business intent.


Our attorneys have handled litigation cases in local, state and federal courts from inception to verdict. While our philosophy is that litigation is to be avoided, our attorneys can provide result driven legal services that are efficient and cost effective when it comes to litigation.


Our attorneys are experienced in all forms of mediation as advocates and mediators and use mediation in selected instances for our clients to avoid arbitration or litigation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our attorneys have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, asset/stock acquisition, stock swap, recapitalizations, alliances, joint ventures and other deal related matters. We work with our clients on initial proposals, bid packages, term sheets, letters of intent, due diligence, negotiations, agreements and other deal related matters from negotiation to closing.


We work with clients in evaluating the commercial aspects of patent matters while working with a team consisting of several “of counsel” patent attorneys to assist with patent applications and prosecution as well as patent infringement matters.

Real Estate

We represent our business clients as to general commercial real estate matters from leasing to acquisition and disposition of office, retail and industrial space.


We represent our business clients as to regulatory matters such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Exon-Florio and Graham-Leach-Bliley.

Securities Law

We assist clients in non-public securities transactions such as 3F investments, angel investing, private equity investment and venture financing.

Software Audits

Assisting clients as vendors and users with respect to technology audits for items such as licensed software.


We provide assistance to a client's primary tax advisor regarding tax structures and strategies as to local, state, national and international tax regimes. Transfer pricing is a large part of the firm's tax practice, generally.

Technology Law

We represent technology clients in a variety of technology matters from developing/acquiring to transferring/divesting and everything in between. We provide focused and practical advice because our attorneys understand the underlying technology as well as the needs and concerns of a technology client. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in representing technology clients. We regularly work on sophisticated procurement & sale agreements, development agreements, outsourcing agreements, technology escrow agreements, multimedia agreements, and agreements concerning data storage, back-up, cloud computing, disaster recovery and business continuity.


Whether it's business branding or product/service branding, we assist clients with clearance and registration of trademarks, as well as the maintenance of their trademark portfolio.

We provide clients with guidance as to matters pertaining to trademark infringement and cease and desist matters.

Trade Secrets

We work with clients to enforce their trade secret rights and defend against claims of trade secret violations.

Transfer Pricing

Provide legal framework and documents to supplement transfer pricing studies.

Websites & Internet

We work with clients as to all forms of review and structuring of websites and Internet presence.








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